Thursday, August 06, 2009

Anticipating a hit movie

I was discussing 'hit movies' with a friend and he mentioned that a movie is release on Friday and in Saturday newspapers we can see ads and articles mentioning movie's earnings and halls being houseful. The ad copy and design should be prepared well in advance in order to make it in newspapers on first Saturday. Or am I wrong in thinking that?

Are movie producers and newspapers flexible and agile (and should I say efficient) enough to calculate or estimate earnings on Friday and declare the movie as a winner or it's an attempt to fool the crowd to watch the movie 'once' because it seems to be a 'hit movie'?

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Blogger Rahul said...

It is a bit of both, actually. It isn't very difficult to prepare an overall draft pretty early and put in the figures at the last moment. Also, it isn't all that difficult to estimate total figures for friday based on advance booking trends and the available figures for friday shows (matinee etc).

However, it is obvious that a lot of these figures are anyway exaggerated by producers/distributors because of the same hit-movie-hai-to-dekhni-chaahiye effect that you mention. It is actually quite common for producers to declare figures that are higher than what trade magazines finally come up with (and even the trade people have different figures among themselves... the box office stuff is quite ad-hoc in india.. )

6:33 PM  
Blogger Jeet said...

Ad-hoc reporting is helping producers in some manner ;-) So it will be some time before we start getting 'exact' numbers.

1:36 AM  

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