Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Firefox, Well, this is embarrassing

Firefox, put your act together or you will loose whatever market share you have managed to get. Chrome and Safari are already catching up and frequent crashing of latest version forced me to download Chrome last week. I am sure others will do the same and we might even have advertisements from Google mentioning how truly Firefox can now compete with IE by crashing more times in an hour.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yah, I hear yah - worse, I fully deleted FF, reinstalled with no add-ons (the FF forum ALWAYS blames add-ons for all FF crashes).

I have FF set to show a BLANK page when it starts, so the "embarrassing" crash is annoying because it indicates the crash was caused by FF trying to RECOVER my old tabs, which I certainly didn't want recovered.

I've switched to using Opera as my default browser, but Opera doesn't work well with corp ASP sites.

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