Monday, January 11, 2010


Exactly what we chose to see this week rather than the regular movies. The only movies being released were PI and some other non-description movie that I don't even remember now.

Save yourself and read this review for Pyaar Impossible

Went to St. Andrews Auditorium, Bandra (which btw is not near St. Andrews Church) to see a play named Broken Images. I was told it's a Shabana Azmi play. I didn't know whether she wrote the play, she produced it, directed or was part of the on-stage ensemble.

This was our second play in recent times, the first one being Moonshine and Skytoffee. A really well written and executed play (probably it wouldn't have worked in a large stage, but it was perfect for Prithvi Theater)

Coming back to Broken Images; it turned out that play was written by Girish Karnad; directed by Alyque Padamsee and Shabana was only an actor. Rather, she was the only actor in the whole play.

Great concept, superb timing through the performance and Shabana Azmi is indeed a good actor.

Planning to shift some of our monthly movie budget to theater now. What do you say?

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