Monday, October 22, 2007

Random Ramblings

I participated in a play during college days called Parda (curtain). It was a beautiful story about a royal family becoming poor but their izzat (honour) was safe behind a Parda. Curtains don't only save people honour they make a home look much much better than it looked earlier. I learnt that yesterday :-)

In recent past I have gone to Not Just Paranthas, Rajouri Garden twice. I love their Lassi and their Chur Chur Paranthas are a welcome treat for my tastebuds. I didn't like their pocket paranthas, primarily because they don't look or taste like paranthas ;-)

I also went to Pind Baluchi, Raja Garden and the restaurant continues to serve good food at affordable rates.

The best find this week was Wave Cinemas, Raja Garden. Comfortable seats, good ambience and cheaper rates than PVRs in Gurgaon and proximity to Dwarka will make me frequent visitor to these halls.

We saw Laaga Chunri Mein Daag and Bhool Bulaiya and I can't understand why LCMD had nearly empty halls. It is a well made movie with good performances. I agree that the end was a bit too filmy but apart from that the movie was a superhit material.

I was looking forward to visit Agra today, but my plans were thwarted by butterfly effect from a traffic jam in Vashi.

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