Sunday, September 12, 2004

Jaana meri kabra se jaana pare pare !
Tumhare kadmo aahat sun kar jaag padte hain aashik mare pade !!

We had organized a sufi night in Appu Ghar on saturday. I have been
hearing about wadali bandu and their songs from e-neta for
last 10-11 months. Finally managed to experience their music in
live show.

I don't know much about sufi music and philosophy, but these guys
surely sing well. Songs were mostly in punjabi, but the stories
behind some of them were told in hindi.

We had gone to Appu Ghar around 5:30 pm so that we could enjoy the
rides, but there were just too many people 'waiting' in queues. How
can one enjoy waiting for one hour for a 2 minute ride?

We surveyed all the rides for 30 minutes to decide on the most
thrilling ride, so that we could geeze in one of them, dragon train
was too slow and space orbit was very common, everybody agreed that
my fair lady was the best ride available. We couldn't geeze
in and now I think I will have to find some other day to get a ride
in Appu Ghar.

Waiting for another 'Telemune Sufi Night'.

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Monday, September 06, 2004

I came back from mussoorie (also called The Queen of Hill Stations) at 12 midnight. We went there to drop Vivek at LBS Academy. After calling it Mahatma Ghandi Academy, Jawahar Lal Nehru Academy and many other names Kavee has finally started calling it LBS Academy.

We started at 4:30 pm on 4th. I got a chance to see Appu Ghar for
the first time. Lets leave Appu Ghar story for some other time.
Four of us, Kavee, E-neta, me and of course Vivek
drove up to the place. Kavee was driving and we had
planned that when he gets tired, E-neta will take his place. That
never happened and Kavee actually drove all the time while coming
back also. Ok, now lets start the journey.. We started from Appu
Ghar at around 6:30 and hit the highway. Kavee doesn't like people
calling the road from Delhi to Dehradoon a highway, he prefers the
Delhi-Jaipur kind of roads. We were supposed to have dinner at some
place called 'Cheetal', it is obviously a famous restaurant, there
were so many variants of 'Cheetal' restaurant (new cheetal, Punjab
cheetal, sheetal to name a few) in the area. Apparently Kavee and
E-neta recognized the original restaurant, but it was closed. They
close down at 8:00 pm sharp. There was a notice on their
gate which had the opening timings, it looked like a legal notice
from a distance and reminded me of the day when I spent the whole
day looking for a guitar and finally when I reached the shop it was
closed with a notice on it. We took almost the same route
that we took for shivpuri

During the journey the talks generally rotated about India's future and how Vivek will help improve it. Drive till Dehradoon was a normal highway long drive. But after that things became interesting, we were climbing mussoorie's heights. Dehradoon looks really cool from the road, I think they keep their lights open deliberately to create a star-lit sky below your foot.

The road itself looked COOL in night. For safety purpose the
divider and roadside had reflectors and that made the road look
very well maintained. Mussoorie is now the northmost and highest
place in India that I have been to (almost 6.5k feet), Vivek will
get to go till 15k feet within next 3 months. We reached mussoorie
at 3 am and stayed in hotel green castle. Reaching the hotel was no
joke, all the hotels have parking on some small hill (the hotels
themselves are on hills) and a very steep path is made to
reach the parking. Kavee managed to drive us there without a hitch.

In the morning we went to buy brush and paste and I took some snaps ( they are not coming on blog soon ). It was fun passing through clouds, though as I was expecting I didn't get wet, maybe the clouds were not dense enough.

We went down to Kempty falls and somehow I didn't find it that exciting as so many other people do. Maybe I should have gone in the water to experience the thrill. One has to go down while going from mussoorie to Kempty falls and from the road also one has to go down to the falls. Its quite ironic, normally people go up to see waterfalls and here we were walking down to see one.

At 3 pm we started back for LBS Academy, Vivek got his room which he will have to share with someone.. The room has a Pentium III with MS Windows 98 installed on it. It was a pleasant surprise for us because the academy site mentioned that the PCs were 386. I am sure that in next three months time Vivek would have walked more than he has walked till now.

While going to kempty falls, I found an interesting phenomenon, I
was trying to take a photograph from within the car, One gets the
feeling that he/she is playing a video game when looking into the
camera.. Also when I was looking in the camera, the feeling of
accelerate increased manifold and I felt like sitting in a dragon

Anyways, we dropped Vivek at his academy and I hope he has got password to internet proxy by now.

Good to be back in blogging world.. will try to post regularly now :-)

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