Thursday, February 25, 2010

Travel Guru - TravelGuru - Cheaters

Exactly, that claims to be India's largest network of hotels are actually scammers and will cheat you without thinking about it even once.

Their sales representatives will promise you something else altogether on phone, in emails and even in your PDF itinerary, but if you were planning to go to point A, don't be surprised to land up in point B. When you call them to ask what's going on, they will promptly reply that their package was actually from point B and not from point A, there was a 'spelling mistake' in the PDF itinerary they had sent (and of course they will refuse to accept that they ever mentioned point A).

I am still surprised how can someone make a spelling mistake and spell Alleppey/Alappuzha as Kumarakom. It takes a genius to make that mistake.

Don't ever book a package with TravelGuru, be sure that your vacation will be spoiled.

If you need proofs of what I am saying, email me. I will send you their 'original itinerary' and the one they sent 'after' my Kumarakom stay was over. They never apologized for the mistake (even for the spelling mistake) and have the guts to call me repeated to take feedback about the hotel I stayed in.

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Monday, February 08, 2010

RotoCharger from IdeaForge

Ordered a RotoCharger from IdeaForge (through ebay) recently. The description of the product was so compelling that I couldn't stop myself from buying one. For Rs. 350/- it promises me that I won't have to worry about cellphone getting discharged.

Here are the things that I would like in this product.

1. The rotating wheel is rather hard, I am sure with some gears they could have easily reduced the resistance in rotation.

2. Handle doesn't 'fold'. If you look at the product on ebay and on their site, the handle is DEFINITELY different from the images shown on ebay and the site. They should update the images at both the places.

3. It makes a LOT of noise when rotating. I sincerely hope it's not a usual for the product and I got a faulty piece. One can't hope to use it while travelling in a bus or train. (that's exactly where I would like to use it).

That said, I will keep the Emergency Mobile Charge (ebay link) in my car / bag and would like to really 'use' it sometime ;-)

I bought another cool product recently and will take some photographs as soon as I use it next time :)

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