Sunday, November 28, 2004

I saw loads of vedios today. The Corrs, Nirvana, Metallica, Alizee and many others. Spent the whole day watching song vedios. Also saw veer-zaara at fun republic cinema hall at andheri.

I was listening to lots of rammstein but now I am back to being a Nirvana and Metallica fan. I also went to crossword at HN, bookstore are always very tempting but I have not been able to buy books for last 1 year. Hope this stretch does not get any longer.

Have been to Banglore twice in last one month, Hyderabad once, Pune once and have met many people I know while roaming around on roads or shopping centres.

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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Saving another mosquito entry :

Originally posted on 2004-05-09 03:59:00

Scientists at Anti-Mosquito Research Laboratory, New York have successfully
demonstrated their new anti mosquito product. The product brand named Sonic
Irritation For Mosquitos (SIFM) uses sound waves generated at frequencies that
are found to be irritable for almost all the known species of mosquitos.
The frequency do not fall in human audible ranges.

An AMRL official told us in an exclusive interview that SIFM has already been
patented by AMRL and interestingly, the basic idea came to their researchers
mind when an Indian scientist who was fond of Bhappi Lahiri music and
wouldn't stop playing the same song over and over joined the team. Apparently
the music was so irritating for some poor souls that started to keep away from
lab and thus the idea to use irritating sounds at non-audible frequencies to
develop a new mosquito repellent was born. For the curious reader's
information; SIFM does not use Bhappi Lahiri music.

Unlike traditional methods of using allethrin vapour in various forms,
SIFM does not use any chemicals. Chances of mosquitos developing an immunity
towards SIFM are told to be negligible.

Besides being more cost-effective SIFM provides many other advantages over
traditional techniques. Following table provides a detailed comparison of SIFM
vs. current products and techniques.

Feature/Factor SIFM Allethrin based Solutions Vivek's Handgranade Approach Almighty Hand Remarks
Regular refill required No Yes No No
Chemical solution No Yes Yes No
Automated (electronic) Yes Yes No No
Children can play Yes No No --
Hazardous for human health No Yes Yes Yes
Causes mosquito death No May cause Yes Yes
Works without electricity Yes No Yes Yes

SIFM clearly proves to be a much superior system than any existing products.
A low cost mechanical model of SIFM is also available that can be charged
mechanically just the good old grandfather's wrist watch. This is a portable version and can even be carried in pocket.
Taking care or a major concern of dog owners, SIFM frequencies are not audible to dogs and they remain unperturbed.

You can buy SIFM here. SIFM will be available in all countries before the end of this month. AMRL is also customizing SIFM for lizards, cockroaches and spiders.

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Thursday, November 25, 2004

This is a repost, my rediff account has been deleted, the blog is still accessible, this is an attempt to save the blog..

Friday, April 02, 2004

Vivek was cribbing about of lack of handgrenades, only if he could get some of these deadly bombs he would have loved to blast all the mosquitos with them. The approximate quantity required by him to get all of them was 10-15 grenades. He had demanded the ammo only when he realized that his daily tally never goes above 8-10 and he may not be able to get rid of mosquitos without help.

Well vivek, don't worry after you read this you would love to just wait and watch for this product to comeout.

Scientists at Ferguson and Lamart Technical University (Faltu) have come up with a revolutionary mosquito demoralizer chemical (ReMoDe). ReMoDe though is difficult to type because of the camel hump naming convention used by the inventors, can be very effective against the nuisance called mosquitos.

An official who wanted to remain anonymous told reporters that ReMode is a surprise outcome of a defense project that was preparing a biochemical attack against all the terrorist groups. Aim was to synthesize chemicals that could decrease will power and aggression of terrorists thus reducing terrorism. Of course the whole exercise was to be conducted secretly and it was expected that terrorist groups would start breaking up and in time they would also surrender.

As we know only female mosquitos are the ones that bite human beings. Reason behind this is that male mosquitos are afraid of human beings and they lack the will power to take risk and enjoy human blood. Sceintific community was of split opinion till yesterday. Some groups believed that male mosquitos were fond of flowers, other said that they were physically incapable of penetrating human skin. With this discovery all those theories have been put to rest.

ReMoDe was initially meant to decrease will power of terrorist groups but it is only capable of demoralizing small terrorists called mosquiots.

Composition of ReMoDe is not yet available to public viewing. But if this chemical works this could be the biggest accidental discovery of this century. Of course as the century has just started we can expect more dramatic discoveries.

ReMoDe would be available commercially after approval from FDI.

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I was browsing through various blogs that Modi has made.. Found this one very interesting.. Dhar/Vivek feedback do :-D

Hemal Modi's Tweak Blog

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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Some good dialogues from Devdas :

"Apne hisse ki zindagi to hum jee chuke hai chunni babu,
Ab to bas dhakanon ka lihaz karte hai.
Kya kahen en duniya walon ko,
Jo aakhri saans par bhi entraz karte hai."

Chunni Babu:
"Wah! Wah! Kya shayri hai. Khoob misti dada."

"Dil ke chhalon ko koi shayri kahen to parvah nahin,
Takleef to tab hoti hai jab koi wah! wah! kehta hai."

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

A must watch movie. Jim carrey with difference. The funda of erasing memory was good and the chemistry between kate winslet and jim carrey was amazing. Of course I liked all the hair colour, I might watch the movie again to decide my next hair colour :-) Right now its ashen blonde.

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Monday, November 08, 2004

Hue hain paanv hi pehle nabard-e-ishq main jakhmi !!
Na bhaaga jaaye hai mujhse, na thehera jaaye hain mujhse !!

Have I run away ? Not sure ...

Reading ghalib.. and finding each sher good.. Some good ones for you to read !

Kaasid ke aate-aate khat ek aur likh rakhoon !!
main jaanta hoon ki likhenge jawaab main !!

I might have written 'ki kya likhenge jawaab main' but here it looks like its not even required, some extreme, or as Murali would put it.. epitome of desperation :-)

Hai tevar chadi hui andar naqaab ke !!
hain ik shikan padi hui tarf-e-naqaab ke !!

Another one !!

Ghalib, vazifa-khavar ho, do shah ko dua !!
woh din gaye kehte the, naukar nahin hoon main !!

I will say..

Jeet, bekaam-nakaar ho, jyada ghalib na padho !!
woh din gaye kehte the, naukar nahin hoon main !!

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Cafe Mocha again.. Dixit was lukkha and wanted to go for a long drive.. not as long as Pune but a decently long one.. We played T.T. for some time.. You can't play knocks with him.. he is a lefty and the rallies just don't last long.

Off to Cafe Mocha which has recently opened in HN.. it was closed. I expected it to remain open till 1:30 in night but they may not be finding may takers.. So we went to Juhu Cafe Mocha...

They make good coffee, but they make better deserts.. We had Lava Lava a cup full of molten chocolate, its the best desert I have ever tasted. Last time we also had Chocolate Avalanche which was a good mixture of chocolate, bread and ice cream.

Most of the things that you see around in Cafe Mocha are broken and old. No two chairs are of same type/colour, the cup in which you receive the bill is broken. The roof has wooden lintels and looks as if it was made eons ago. No two bulb holders / lamps are of the same design. It gives the place a unique look.

Someday I would tell the girl on door that her smile is too artificial and she should try to change that.

I am having loads of black coffee nowadays.. I had two in Cafe Mocha yesterday. I am not yet at the level where I will take a double shot espresso, but a single pure 30 ml espresso shot is welcome anytime.

They close down at 1:30 in night and that's bad, though they have pathetic music, I still like to sit there and talk about random things.

Next time you go to Mocha try Lava Lava.. its good !!

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Sunday, November 07, 2004

I am getting sleep tired and hence sleeping again. My total sleeping hours in last 20 days nearly beat my waking hours in a normal day...

I bought a book 15 days back thinking I would finish it in 2-3 days, as I normally do.. but I have reached just 4th chapter...

I am totally lukkha/vella.. I just woke up.. and would sleep again within next 30 minutes :D

Metallica is playing 'wake up sleepy one' on sandy's comp.. but I can sleep with rock music on..

'...' ne Ghalib nikkama bana diya, varna hum aadmi the kamke

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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Now that India has won the last match I feel better writing about it :-)

I went to Pune on 2nd. Met Jakkal and Bansi there. Bansi asked me if I am free on the next day. For last 15 days of so whoever is asking this question, they are getting a positive reply, so did Bansi. He has 5 tickets of the match that he has won in a quiz.

The next day we went to watch this match, Me, Ghushe, Sandy, Kutti and Stud. In the morning it was raining very lightly, we had in mind that this might delay the match a bit. All of us agreed that it will be very difficult to get into 2nd class of local in morning hours and took the 1st class ticket for Churchgate (78 Rs. per ticket). As you might have guessed we didn't get seats in the beginning but near the end of journey all of us were sitting and Ghushe was trying to get everybody to discuss 'old doordarshan serials'.

In last 7 years, I have been stopped by T.T.E. only once before, two T.T.E. asked us to show tickets and we has tickets to C.S.T. and not churchgate. We got out after paying fines and were still in a good mood for the match ahead. I have decided that I will read all tickets (and the find print on them) before starting the journey/entering stadium or theatre. There was a fine print on ticket which mentioned that due to security reasons we can not carry our mobiles with us. I don't have many friends who have relatives living in churchgate / colaba area, the only thing came to my mind was we will have to go back to Powai and come again (impossible). But Ghushe has a cousin living in Malabar Hills (hmm.. big man).

We finally got to the stands, they were mostly empty. The pitch and other parts of ground were covered, match has not started and crowed was still making noise for very arbit reason. Shane Warne came out in his vests and bermudas, walked a full round of cricket ground and took photographs with his camera, I couldn't recognize him. He has changed his hairstyle drastically.

The crowd was going crazy over all actions of the cricket players when they came out for warmup. Somebody takes a catch, noise.. Someone misses a catch, noise. A ball hits a sole stump noise.. Someone starts running, noise... People are mad over cricket.

Finally match started but we could see only 4 overs. So much for only 4 overs. We saw 4 batsman during these 4 overs, Sehwag, Ghambir, Dravid and Sachin too :-) It started pouring again and finally at 3:30-45 we decided to walk out.

Ghushe and Bansi went to fetch the mobiles and rest of us took the road to sterling. There we no good/famous movies. The other nearby cinema halls were showing, kis kis ko, kis kiski kismat and dhoom. We decided to wait in Barista.

We were not agreeing on any POA (plan of action), we didn't even agree on the suggestion that we should split so that different POAs can be followed by different people. Someone wanted to see a particular movies but others had already seen it, other options like theatre etc. were also considered but none were accepted.

Mittal (kutti) suddenly developed an urge to go to some sports lounge. I have no idea why.. but we found one right on top of Barista where we were sitting. Played pool (250 Rs. an hour :> ) and went to see 'The Human Stain' movie in Sterling. OKish movie.

After movie we went a place calle 'Cafe Mondegar', the 'r' is silent while pronouncing it. Two words that describe this place very acurately : it stinks. The place stinks of fish. This cafe was playing rock and that might make me repeat my visit. We had a good time talking about and jamming about arbit topics.

Next time I want to go and watch the match after ascertaining that there will be no rains and read the tickets before boarding the train.

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