Friday, November 09, 2007

Cracker filled diwali

I had a cracker filled choti diwali. I haven't burst as many crackers in last ten years combined as I did today. I love to watch fireworks but I am not a fan because of air and noise pollution.

Dad had brought a lot of crackers and I didn't want to dampen his enthusiam. Lot of crackers are still remaining to be used tomorrow. I feel guilty bursting crackers but I need to find a way to shoot the gun from someone else's shoulder now.

Are there any environment friend fire crackers at all?

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Repeatation is irritating

I don't like it when the same ad is shown back to back twice. I don't know what purpose does repeating an ad solve. Only emotion it evokes in me is irritation.

Same way I don't want to see any more Saawariya promos on TV and don't want to hear about Saawariya on radio. These guys have hyped the movie just too much. They have crossed all limits of cross promotional advertising. Sony has gone over the top in promoting the movie.

Another thing that I find rather cheap is Radio Mirchi (98.3) using an RJ's sad (but probably inspiring) story of loosing her voice and getting it back. I never heard about Pallavi before. I might have heard her voice on Radio Mirchi before, but I don't remember the name or don't recall her removal from radio programs. I sympathise with her that she lost her voice and am happy that she got it back. But I won't be interested in listening to radio show because of this history. This is worst form of publicity for the RJ. If she is any good, people would definitely hear her and the program would become a hit.

Radio Mirchi: Please stop repeating this cheap publicity stunt.

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Monday, November 05, 2007

Indian Men Vs. Women

Let me tell you that the title is misleading and I am not going to do a serious analysis on this topic :-) As usual during one of our packing sessions I realised that Enemy Tull has much more number of clothes than me. I think I fall in above average category for cloth count in guys.

This got me thinking... I have almost all types of clothes that are worn by men in India. But that's the catch. Indian men don't wear the traditional indian dresses any more. But the ladies would have traditional indian saarees, salwaar suits, lahngas, laanchas apart from the western dresses.

I am not trying to say that men will be able to beat women in cloth count if they start wearing traditional indian dresses (kurta is the only popular indian dress). But I can't explain why traditional india dresses are not popular in men but they have managed to stay in vogue for women.

P.S.: I plan to introduce another name for Enemy Tull; don't worry if you have read Vivek's blog recently, it's not baby. I think Anti Me Tull is good :-)

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