Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tight clothes

Yup, my dear friends you are thinking in right direction. Many of my clothes are tight and I used a tailor's services to make some of them usable for me.

It has happened numerous times when people used to see me having pizzas and cheese and a lot of junk food and they used to be envious of my slender looks and made comments like "tu kabhi mota nahin ho sakta" (You can never get fat). I was so happy to hear this. But my happiness was shortlived. Although I was alwasy a food enthusiast (as you can see from my numerous restaurant reviews), I have never gained so much weight :)

For the first time in my life I have "Reduce Weight" as one of the TODOs :-)

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Cricket Commentary on FM Radio

I had not heard cricket commentary on radio until a couple of weeks ago I was driving and the person in passenger seat happened to be a cricket fan. I was told to dial 94.6 FM channel so that he can listen to the commentary. There was a radio channel on that frequency (or very close to it) but it was definitely not interested in satisfying this cricket fans thirst for knowing about happenings in the cricket field. I had not heard the commentary myself in ages and I have limited myself to listening to PJs, advertisements, repeated advertisements and sometimes songs on the radio. Finally after searching the entire FM bandwidth we found that 96.4 FM had the content that we were looking for.

After all these years, I liked hearing the commentary on radio :) Same increased tempo whenever a good shot is played and you can feel the excitement in commentator's voice. It's not going to convert me to a cricket fan but next time I won't have to stop my car and search for the channel. :-)

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Things to do

These are not new year resolutions :-) But I have almost the same list of TODOs and except driving nothing much has changed.

1. Learn swimming - I am waiting for summers
2. Get my ear operated - So that I can learn swimming
3. Learn Spanish - I did a basic course of Spanish in Pune but haven't touched the language after that. It's time I seriously think about paying attention to this.
4. Learn skating / skiing - I am sure I will write it again when I make a similar post next time.
5. Finish reading bible, catch 22 and other books - I haven't been reading at all. I spend most of my free time trying to learn something online or talking to friends. It's time I give an hour everyday to reading.

What are your everlasting TODOs?

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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Curry Twist, Sakinaka, Mumbai

I liked food at The Dhaba but the service was not really impressive. But next day another place made up for it. We went to Curry Twist at Sakinaka to meet Anti Me Tull's friend. It is situated opposite the famous Chakras restaurant. I was confused by the entrance because it looked like a place that sells paintings and wall decorations. And I was right, there was a side door to enter the restaurant. I think they should make a separate entrance for the restaurant.

I was impressed by the interiors and comfortable looking seats in the restaurant. Fabulous interiors, spacious seating and different options for seating arrangement made a very good first impression. I was taken aback when the waiter spoke perfect english and knew details about the dishes we wanted to order. He also suggested some modification and we ended up ordering Dal bukhara, Reshami Paneer (we initially opted for Malmali paneer) and some arabi or irani biryani along with naan and paranthas. This guy also knew that their naan has egg and we should order laccha parantha or kulcha if we don't want egg. I couldn't kill my curiosity and asked the guy if he has done an MBA in hotel management. He has not, but he is probably the best waiter I have come across.

The other helpers were also good, we were served quickly and properly. Our empty water glasses were filled quickly. Overall 5 * rating service and delicious food. I have added Curry Twist to my favorite and recommended restaurant list.

My ratings:

Service: * * * * *
Food: * * * * 1/2
Music: * * * * (non-obtrusive)
Ambience: * * * * 1/2
Comfort: * * * *

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The Dhaba, Andheri Mumbai

I have been very irregular in my posting and I think the reason is because we have not been going out a lot lately. We were in Bombay last week to attend a friend's wedding. We went to Lokhandwala area to meet some relatives and we were treated at The Dhaba for lunch. The place is somewhere in Andheri and I don't really know the exact location. I know that it was 5 minutes drive from "The Factory" (Ram Gopal Varma's office).

I really liked the ambience at The Dhaba. The super extra large lanterns at the entrance and over the reception couldn't have been missed. Full sized statue of punjabi dance and balle balle and other stuff written on the walls (in Gurumukhi) made the place stand out.

We sat inside the restaurant and I got the same feeling of being in Not Just Paranthas or Bauji The Dhaba. Assorted items that are used in day to day life were used for decoration. I can recall kites, bangles and lanterns (small ones).

The food was delicious. I have no idea what we ordered but I liked everything :-) We also ordered Mukka Pyaz named thus because it's broken into pieces by a Mukka (blow of fist) rather than cutting with knife. I remember using the Mukka myself in distant past and my dad claims that onion tastes much better that way :-)

I recommend the place for everyone though you might have to wait for an hour or so to get a seat.

My ratings:

Ambience: * * * *
Food: * * * * 1/2
Service: * * 1/2
Music: * * * (punjabi folk songs)

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