Saturday, June 28, 2008

Now Reservation in IIT Faculty Positions !

Got this TimesOfIndia Story from a friend. HRD has now ordered quota in IIT faculty. Infact the total quota required by HRD for SC, ST and OBC in teaching position goes above 50%.

Why is the government so keen on dividing the society in casts? Haven't politicians wracked enough havoc by using the religion and caste division? We should be working towards removing the caste divide and not promote people to distinguish themselves as SC/ST/OBC.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

FM Radio 95 | Hit Music Radio

I have been listening to FM 95 since morning and currently it's playing Policy of sweet dreams.

I think I have found a gem in Delhi's #1 HIT Music Radio. Unlike Jaipur's radio station on this frequency that doesn't have anything else but 'solid frequency' to differentiate itself from others, this radio station plays really cool songs throughout the day and specializes in international numbers. :)

So far none of the RJs are as painful as Sud and Mandy and many others that I hear on other FM stations.

Update: They are playing Pink Floyd - Another Brick in The Wall.. I LOVE this channel :)

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My table

I have been asked to take a photograph of my work table and send to a friend multiple times. I am trying to imitate Mahadevi Varma and will try paint the picture by means of words (don't take it so seriously) :)

Okay.. here we go. These are the assorted items on my table:

2 phones
1 mobile phone
2 clutchers
1 Apple Powerbook
1 LCD monitor
1 spike guard
1 ADSL modem
1 External hard disk
1 wireless router
1 phone charger
1 AC remote
1 Cleaning cloth
1 mosquito repellent machine (all out)
1 pen
1 some envelope
1 Some medicines
1 ear ring (not the complete pair)
1 My company id card
LOTS of wires
LOTS of dust

Okay.. you get the picture


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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Vividh Bharti

I heard radio all the time when I was in school. For clarification I didn't hear it when I was 'IN' the school except for one or two times when someone got a radio to listen to cricket commentary.

When DD telecasted songs twice in a week (Wednesday Chitrahar and Sunday Rangoli) Vividh Bharti was the most favorite of music lovers for broadcasting good songs throughout (almost) the day. I remember Binaca Geetmala and Jai Javan. I believe the transistor made radio very popular by making it portable and you could see many people carrying it. I heard a radio in a rickshaw before I heard the thumping music in a Bombay Autorickshaw but I 'think' most people heard the radio for extended duration for the first time at one single place (if they didn't have radio / music fans in their homes).

I think Indian radio industry should give the due credit to barbers for playing radio in their shops while everyone else was waiting to loose some hair. With the advent of beauty saloons and Habib look alike hair dressers the radio trend (atleast Vividh Bharti) has died down. And I have been to 3 places where a live DJ was performing while you get your hair cut (or wait in the queue).

Can we get Aakashvani and Vividh Bharti on FM Radio please? How difficult is it?

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Places around Delhi

While Pune had lots and lots of places for weekend outings and one day outings. Delhi seems to be surrounded by places where you would prefer to go on a long weekend. Pune had lots to offer with 3-4 hours distance (including Bombay) :p But here (Delhi) one has to drive for atleast 6 hours to get to any decent tourist place to spend a relaxing weekend.

I am looking for more weekend outing options and one day outing options around Delhi. Do you have any ideas?

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ambience Mall contd

So we finally went to Ambience Mall in Gurgaon and were heavily disappointed because most part of the underground parking was not open and there was a huge queue for parking. We manage to park after an hour or so (in open).

The mall itself was superb from inside and the first thing that I like costed 19.5k INR for one cup and one plate. On further inquiry I was informed that the golden lining on the cup and plate was actual gold :)

We spent another hour roaming around and did some shopping. PVR was another disappointment because their self-service kiosks were not working and there were long queues in front of their booking counter.

The movie "sarkar raj" was good and I liked the food court in the mall. Though I would have liked it more if the roof was a bit higher and tables were a bit spaced.

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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Ambience Mall

I am planning to visit Ambience Mall this weekend. Everytime I enter Gurgaon I am reminded that I haven't visited the proclaimed "India's biggest mall" yet and I should give it a visit atleast once.

I haven't been able to figure out an entrance when coming from Gurgaon, I won't expect people to cross toll, take a U-turn, cross toll again just to enter the mall so there has to be a secret entrance for the mall that I haven't been able to figure out yet.

I hope that the mall has ample parking because it's a big risk going to Gurgaon on a weekend if I can't get a parking.

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

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Some Comics I read everyday

I used to read 'one' Calvin and Hobbes comic strip everyday (almost) and I absolutely love that one. Nowadays I also subscribe to following comics and I also recommend them for my million readers :)

Basic Instructions

I read about this comic from Scott Adam's Dilbert Blog while he was trying to help Scott Meyer (Basic Instructions fellow) and I have got hooked to this one. Most of his comics are good but I can find some 'gems' here and there :)


Ultimate geek comic. This is one comic that I send to my colleagues and friends almost every couple of days.

Questionable Content

Recently started subscribing to RSS feed for this one. Very few good ones in this. One of my friends said it's Coupling in comic form. I wouldn't agree with it. I really liked the british version of coupling and QC is not 'that' funny.

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008 Review

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Flights in India, Engineers in Administration

Fuel surcharge prices in Indian Airline industry have been touching new heights. After promising the common man the skies the airlines have gone back on their words and we can't put the whole blame on them.

Just like everywhere else Indian airports have long queues of passengers. On top of that there is a queue of airplanes when you want to land. In my last 3-4 journeys the plane had to hover for more than half an hour before it was permitted to land. All this because of air traffic congestion.

Why do we see 'bad planning' from our learned administrators and experienced (though literacy not guaranteed) policy makers? I would say that we need more engineers in administration and politics. This is in face of all those people who 'crib' when IITans get into administrative or foreign services.

I will be giving a skip to the airport and would be taking a train for my next journey after a period of nearly 4-5 years. I hope the Indian Railways as improved a little in this interval.

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Monday, June 02, 2008

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