Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Daily Dose of Imagery's owner Sam has posted a good photo on his blog. I have tried capturing similar photographs a couple of time (without success), I try it whenever I see a merry-go-round :).

He also gives a link to this interesting link on Wired. Dhar!! you might be interested in reading this. (The article is US centric)

Update: He posted Another one

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Monday, May 29, 2006

I just saw the FIFA world cup advertisement. They are highlighting the fact that Cote d'Ivoire (ivory coast) qualified for world cup and their civil was has come to a halt ;-)

I remember when the coup happened 3-4 years ago. A lot of people from my first company were there and I was worried about them. Thankfully everyone was brought back safely.

The Ad itself is good. Is it also being broadcasted in India?

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I finished reading Isaac Asimov's The Complete Stories, Volume One, it has some of his finest stories.

No outing on his weekend. Just staying in the hotel room, watching TV and reading books.

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

I understand that this interview is rather old.

My feeling after reading the whole interview is, who made this guy an MP and minister? He does not know anything, and he does not comment about the things he knows. It was his ministry that prepared and proposed the bill, why is he trying to hide behind 'the supreme parliament'. Someone might argue that its the bureaucrats in his ministry who drafted the bill but I expect him to go over details and ATLEAST remember 'why' the bill was tabeled in the first place.

I don't accept the supremacy of parliament as Mr. Arjun Singh does. It is higher than a lot of things but parliament is not above 'people'.

Good job by 'Devil's Advocate'. Karan Thapar has a knack of asking the right questions. I like the way he asks 'basic' questions and tries to find contradiction in the interviewee's statements. Karan Thapar does become gossipy at the end of this interview, I think he should have avoided the last part.

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

I went to Tahoe and Reno with Raj and Goti on last weekend. The coming weekend is a long weekend. No plans were made because I was supposed to travel to India. Now I have to be in CA for another 2 weeks.

Tahoe is very beautiful. It was so good that I forgot to take photographs and videos and came back with only 50 of them. Raj has been an immense help everywhere and there is no way I can thank him enough for all the help. He is full of enthu and suggestions about things that can be done on weekends.

I have a LOT of photographs on flickr and will keep updating my photoblog.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Just read About Free Calls from Skype at TUAW.

That is one 'rocking' news !!

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Monday, May 15, 2006

Yosemite post cancelled :-)

Another weekend well-spent. We went to San Francisco on Friday night and Saturday. Sunday was spent on Santa Cruz beach playing volleyball. I dived for the ball a lot of times and it was fun.

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Monday, May 08, 2006

Spent the weekend in Yosemite. I will try to post a travelogue kind of entry soon :-)

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Monday, May 01, 2006

Sacramento Kings vs. San Antonio Spurs

It was going to be my first live basketball (NBA) match. We (I and Amod) went to Arco Arena, Sacramento for the match. Sacramento Kings were 2-1 down in the playoffs but the team's moral was high because Kings won the last game with a last moment shot giving them one point lead and victory.

Amod told me that Arco Arena is one of the loudest court in whole NBA league. I have not seen any other places yet, but I will agree with him. We were given two Thundersticks and a Made in China Glowing Stick so that we can cheer for Kings and make a lot of noise. I enjoyed making a lot of noise with the Thundersticks.

I could never imagine organizers will EVER give things that can be thrown towards players, but they gave both type of sticks and fans just made a lot of noise and had fun they never thought of 'throwing' them on the court. That is completely different behaviour from the Indian cricket lovers. I got another surprise; cameras were allowed but not many people were interested in taking a photograph of their star players, these guys simply go to all the matches, they don't need photographs :-)

Introduction of the home team was a really cool. First the visiting team was introduced with full lights in the arena and then lights went dim and were shut off completely. But everyone was waving their glowing stick and it was a beautiful sight. A grand welcome for their home team.

When I went to the game, I was a Tim Duncan and Spurs fan but within first 2 minutes I changed sides and was cheering for Kings. I could not bring myself to 'boo' the Spurs' players. :-). Every point/steal/rebound from Kings was cheered, every miss by Spurs was treated the same but every foul by Kings was booed... And at times the fans were correct in booing.

The only player who was able to play well from Spurs side was Tony Parker, he scored 22 points. I kept waiting for Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili to start the fireworks. Tim Duncan scored 17 points but I expected much more from him.

In all the match videos I have seen, I don't remember seeing goal tending in any of these matches, but today I got to see two instances of goal tending, once from the defence player and then later from offence side too.

In the end, Kings steamrollered Spurs with a 102-84 victory.

I watched the match from two different spots. We saw first half from behind one of the baskets. We were actually quite close to the players and basket. In the second half we moved to 'center' side and were able to see game at both the rings properly.

After the match; Amod took Gavin Maloof's autographs on one of the thundersticks. Amod wanted me to take a photograph with Gavin. As soon as Amod asked him if he can get photographed with him, this guy started posing and asked 'Who has the camera?'. It may not sound that funny but I was really humorous at that time.

I took a LOT of photographs and will be posting them soon.

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